Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey


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Restrained nose of pear, green apple with floral notes and caramel. Very light in body with vanilla, honey, toasted oak and baking spices. Spicy finish with vanilla, pears and baked apple fruit. Triple distilled and aged for three years in oak. Founded by MMA Champion Conor McGregor. The traditional triple distillation method uses copper pot stills, which create and fine-tune the proper character. After the first distillation, the strength of the spirit is increased through a second distillation with a low wine still. A third distillation in the spirit still, creates a cut above 80% alcohol. This captures the heart of the spirit. Our coopers hand-select the finest former bourbon barrels in which to age our proper whiskey. Our spirit slowly ages developing through the years flavours of vanilla, honey and toasted wood. The blending of sweet Irish grain spirit and single malt Irish whiskey lies at the heart of Proper No. Twelve. Our Master Distiller selects casks that hold the rich character needed to craft Proper No. Twelve Whiskey.




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