Hennessy XO Limited Edition by Julien Colombier W/ Metal Gold Tray


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For this end of year collaboration, Maison Hennessy pays tribute to nature with joyful and luxurious Limited Editions by the French artist Julien Colombier. CELEBRATING NATURE “The parallel between my art and Maison Hennessy is the relation to nature. For the collaboration I thought about new leaves, new structures, bunches of grapes and grape leaves, which I’ve never used in my work before. But it’s a way to reach everyone, with motifs and subjects known to people all over the world. One that really fits with Hennessy’s DNA.” With an approach that roots from his background in textile prints and art deco, Julien Colombier lets himself be inspired by nature. Visiting Cognac, he found inspiration in not just one aspect but the entire art of cognac making, from earth and vine to barrel and glass. Something that is found in the final design of his cognac bottles: the repetitions of geometric and vegetal motifs create a dreamlike environment layered on black backgrounds.




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