Gato Negro Merlot Chile Alc V


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Gato Negro Merlot is a smooth red wine, fresh and intense flavors and aromas with notes of plum and vanilla. Wonderful and full of flavor, delicious mouthfeel, medium body, smooth tannins and a pleasant finish. Gato Negro Merlot is a red wine, ruby red color with violet hues. Discover our fresh and intense flavors and aromas of black fruit, like blackberries and plums notes in perfect combination with hints of vanilla and spices. This wine is medium-bodied with smooth tannins and a long, fruity, pleasant finish. Is undoubtedly a perfect choice to arrange with red meat like lamb, pork, duck, as well as pasta or pizza. Serve at: 59-63° F • 15-17° C. PURR-fect to enjoy with friends, achieving unforgettable moments. Mouthwatering.