E11even Vodka


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Handcrafted in a copper still and distilled six times before its refinement through a proprietary seven-step filtration process. E11EVEN Vodka lies in a state of tranquility to "still her spirit" before reaching full maturity and becoming the ultra-premium vodka that lays before you. E11EVEN Vodka is a highly purified spirit distilled from 100% Florida grown non-GMO corn. Its result, a noticeably clean rounded sweetness with subtle notes of citrus peels and cacao nibs with teased traces of vanilla and cracked peppercorn. A proprietary hand filtration process softens the palate, leaving a graceful finish that is long, warm, and always wanting more. On a scale from 1 to 10, be an E11EVEN, be your best self, get the most out of life, and ignore the naysayers. It's all about Crushing the Day, Owning the Night - then going back for more. E11EVEN Vodka was born to be the life of the party.




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