Drambuie Liqueur

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Drambuie is an iconic whisky liqueur, made from a blend of aged Scotch whisky, spices, herbs, and heather honey. For best taste try one of our curated cocktails. A recipe for Drambuie Scotch Whisky Liqueur has been kept in a safe at our blending facility near Glasgow, Scotland. Only three people know the recipe, one of whom personally mixes each batch of Drambuie essence and is the fifth generation of our founder William Grant. Its origins can be traced to a secret recipe created for Bonnie Prince Charlie by his Royal Apothecary in the 18th Century. He drank a few drops each day for strength and vitality. The name Drambuie is derived from Scots Gaelic ‘An Dram Buidheach’ and means “The Drink that Satisfies”. Enjoy Drambuie responsibly.

375ml, 750ml



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liqueur, whiskey