Clontarf Black Label Irish Whiskey


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Velvety, lush, mellow, and smooth, with subtle hints of vanilla, slight maltiness and notes of toffee. The whiskey is distilled three times using traditional copper pot stills. It's then filtered through Atlantic Oak Charcoal which gives Clontarf a pure, clean and distinctive taste. Inspired by Brian Boru's legendary victory at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014 AD, Clontarf is a truly unique Irish whiskey. Distilled in Ireland using the finest grain and pure Irish spring water, the whiskey is aged with care in bourbon barrels and gently filtered through Atlantic Irish oak charcoal to achieve a wonderful mellowness that will make Clontarf a champion among Irish whiskies. Time honored and traditional techniques produce the finest quality charcoal from Irish oak grown on the wild and rugged Atlantic coast of South West Ireland. In a slow and delicate process the smoldering embers finally produce a charcoal so fine that filtration produces a mellow Irish whiskey of supreme quality and smoothness. The Black Label is extraordinarily rich, brimming with toffee and subtle oak - packed full of flavor and body.




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