Climax Moonshine


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Whether you're a fan of the Discovery Channel's "Moonshiners" reality series or not, everyone deserves the chance to savor Climax moonshine. Until recently, reality star Tim Smith was brewing moonshine illegally in his hometown of Climax, Virginia, but now his original pot-distilled family recipe graces the (legal) market in the form of a 90-proof spirit.

Crafted from corn, rye and barley malt mash Tim Smith Climax Moonshine is clean with subtle hints of sweetness that play well to mixing into cocktails or easily infused. So grab a bottle and let your imagination go wild!

Notes: Strong, light-bodied. Aromas and flavors of spice, corn and pepper
Pairings: Sweet tea, grilled peaches, pickles
Serving Suggestions: Chilled or mixed into your favorite cocktail
Region: Virginia
Alcohol Content: 40%





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