Buffalo Trace Kosher Straight Rye Whiskey


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It's been long over due, but I suppose its better late than never! Buffalo Trace along with The Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc) to make this limited batch of Kosher Straight Rye Whiskey. Distilled from the same high quality grains as other straight rye whiskeys from Buffalo Trace, this Kosher spirt was aged in specifically designated Kosher barrels. In order to satisfy Passover requirements, these barrels were sold to a non-Jewish executive in a ceremony witnessed by a representative from the cRc. After aging for seven years, the Rye was bottled at 94 proof following only the strictest guidelines. The results? Nothing less than the best from one of America’s oldest continually-operating distillery. Notes: Smooth, medium-bodied. Aromas and flavors of rye, citrus and clove Pairings: Lamb, dark chocolate, almonds Serving Suggestions: Neat or on the rocks Region: Kentucky Alcohol Content: 47%




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bourbon, kosher, whiskey


Buffalo Trace


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