Br Van Steenberge Piraat Ale


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Piraat is a 'living' beer, which means that after the primary fermentation in the keg, the beer also continues to evolve during the secondary fermentation in the bottle or in the keg after packaging. This is a world-class amber colored beer. American beer connoisseurs give it 98 out of 100. No other beer scores better. The flavor is so complex and so rich that every swallow conjures up new associations. Note the spicy light sweetness, which is richly balanced with the robust bitterness of the hops. It is an adventure of a beer, a treat. A strong beer like the Piraat has been brewed for a thousand years to be taken out to sea. The Vikings in particular were well acquainted with this type of potent beer. Piraat has a high nutritional value, keeps well for years and strengthens the body and morale of pirates and other seafarers. It is a healthy energy booster. Piraat is excellent with both meat and fish dishes, or can simply be enjoyed as a relaxing drink, alone or together with friends. Piraat is also enjoyed as a delicious beer with which to finish a tasty meal. Cigar smokers swear that there is no better beer to enjoy together with a good cigar. Did you know that there used to be no drinking water on ships? People did not drink water on land, so why would they take water out to sea? Some 1200 years ago, at the time of the Vikings, people first dared to go out to sea for longer periods so they needed a strong and nutritious beer that would keep well for a long time. A daily pint of Piraat gave the pirates and other seafarers the courage to face the rough weather at sea and the many other dangers, such as the boarding of another ship.




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